Rent A Porsche

If you’re in the market to buy a Porsche why not rent one first?

Rental cars aren’t just for holidays – with a growing number of rental companies specialising in luxury cars with day rates why not treat yourself and spend a day with your dream car before you buy it? This is a great way to test out a few different models before committing to just one.

The rental sector is booming with £14 billion in revenue a year meaning that there is a car hire company specialising in whatever you need. Look at this site for luxury car hire in London and the UK for a full range of Porsche models to rent by the day or for longer periods of time.

When renting a car it is essential to make sure you have full and comprehensive car insurance so should you experience a flat tire or breakdown along the way, the rental company, rather than you, is that one who is held responsible.. Have a look at our top tips below.

4 Things You Should Know About Rental Car Insurance

  • See if your own policy covers rental coverage. You dont want to spend extra money on rental car insurance if your personal car insurance will cover you. So, before doing anything else, call your car insurance agent to discuss the details of what is listed within your policy, and if it includes adequate coverage when youre driving a rental car.
  • Be aware of the different kinds of rental car insurance available. Just like there are different kinds of personal car insurance, there is also a variety of rental car insurance too. They include a collision damage waiver, liability insurance, personal accident insurance, and personal effects coverage. For expert advice contact a car insurance specialist.
  • Discuss with the agent how long you are renting for. Something thats important to keep in mind is that if you plan to keep the rental for longer than a week or so, then you need to discuss that with the rental car insurance agent. The reason being that there can sometimes be limitations within their own coverage if you have one of their cars for an extended period of time. Read here for more information about car leasing terms.
  • Ask your credit card company if they offer auto insurance benefits. You might want to contact your credit card company because there are some that offer collision and theft protection for their customers.

Do you have any questions about renting a Porsche? Get in touch and let us help you.