Porsche 911

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Porsche 911

£245 /day

  • A rear engine with 6 horizontally-opposed cylinders
  • A displacement of 3.4 litres
  • 350 horsepower at 7400rpm
  • Two-hundred-eighty-seven feet of torque
  • A top track speed of up to one-hundred-seventy-nine miles per hour
  • Acceleration from zero-to-sixty miles per hour in a little over four seconds

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Rent a Porsche 911

  • 100 miles per day thereafter £1 per mile
  • Fully Comprehensive Insurance(excess applies)
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Excess/Security deposit for this vehicle is £ 3000
  • Minimum driver age is 30

The Porsche 911 has four valves per cylinder and a hydraulic valve adjustment system with lubrication to power this sports car. The transmission is manual 7-speed and has the latest on-board diagnostics systems.

Finally, function works in tandem with form. Interior trim components are silver-coloured and accented on the dashboard, air vent frames, centre console trim, glove compartment, and door opening handle.

The interior is stunning and classy with floor mats, sports seats, coat hooks on the back seats, and automatically diminishing mirrors are other aspects that bring a renewed sense to your travelling experiences.

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